Frequently asked questions

What does a managed service mean?

A managed service means that we manage and maintain the HR site on your behalf. This includes everything from hosting the site to updating the HR content (e.g. when there are changes in legislation), to recommending (and drafting) new HR policies which may be needed as a result of changes in legislation, case law or social trends.

We also manage the communication by sending out emails and announcements to employees so that they are kept informed of any changes.

Your site is always compliant and up to date, with minimum input from you.

Will the software be branded?

Yes. will have your logo and colour scheme. The site and its content is bespoke to your company. It is not 'shared' with others.

How will you update us about legislation changes?

When there is a change in legislation we will inform those who look after HR in your organisation first (and in advance of any changes).  We will then update on the day of the change and send out a communication to all employees. There is also a section on the site that summarises recent changes for employees.

Some updates are only relevant for those who look after HR and in this event our communication is to HR users only.

I’ve already got a handbook ...why do I also need an online one?

The problem with a written handbook is that it gets out of date very quickly as employment law changes.  If you update your written handbook regularly then you have to send out updates to employees or re-issue the handbook. This can be costly and time consuming. It also means there is a delay between legislation changing and up-to-date information being communicated.  You can also find you have several 'versions' which can cause confusion. takes away these problems. We update it and communicate changes in a timely fashion and the latest version is always on There is also an easy to follow navigation and search function that makes finding what you want really easy.

How do I control who sees what content on the site?

There are different access levels to Employee, Manager and HR. You decide who has access to which areas. You can change this whenever you want.

What do I do about new starters and leavers

You can manage the users you have on When you have a new starter you can add them to the site and when you have a leaver you can archive them (remove them).

There is also a new starter checklist and a template induction booklet to help make on-boarding and induction even easier and more effective.

For leavers, there is a checklist and an on-line exit interview form that you can ask people to complete.



Can I add my own content?

Additional content can be added. For example you may want to put your Health and Safety policy and risk assessments on the site.

Your Account Manager will add any content for you. They will also recommend how best to display the content e.g. you could add a .pdf document that can be opened by employees or your Account Manager can set up new pages with images and links.

While we can load additional, non HR documents, you will remain responsible for this content. Please note that additional charges will apply (to cover administration costs).

We already have an HR provider who gives us HR support / advice

That's great as it is always good to have access to professional advice when it comes to HR.

There is no reason why you cannot have as well. In fact this may help your current provider as they can have access to your site so they can see what policies and documents you have in place as this is important to know when dealing with any employment issue.

We have an in-house HR person who looks after our documents, so why do I need

Keeping up to date, drafting and updating documents and communicating is a very time consuming job. It also requires some specific experience and knowledge of employment law.

The time would save your HR person would allow them to spend more time on other areas of HR. 

Why do I need HR policies and an employee handbook?

Because you are vulnerable and at risk without these. There are legal requirements relating to information you need to provide to your employees. In addition to this, proving clarity around your standards and procedures will provide you with protection and flexibility.

If you do not have these documents in place you are far more vulnerable to potential claims.  

Is information and data secure?

Absolutely. All transactions are handled on industry standard secure servers through encrypted connections. Our servers are housed in a secure data centre operated by one of the biggest and longest established hosting companies in the country. As long as users do not give out their passwords, only they will be able to access their account (please note that a site administrator would be able to access information via reports etc). Personal information or e-mail addresses will never be given, sold or rented to third parties for marketing purposes.

We do recommend that all users choose safe passwords, do not share passwords and change them regularly. All users have the ability to change their password at any time.

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What our customers say

It makes day to day HR essentials easy to manage and makes us look very professional.  I would not be without it.
Natalie Moore, Managing Director, Fluid Business Coaching
I don't have to worry as I know the site will be updated and emails sent through to staff.  I have and would recommend to clients without hesitation.
Ian Hornsey, Managing Director, Devonports Accountants
It's clear and easy to use.  It takes all the worry out of keeping up to date.  It saves time and the staff love it.
Denise Rossiter, CEO, Essex Chambers of Commerce
We at Red7Marine cannot recommend Practical HR highly enough. We have moved to their modern web based handbook, it's so slick.
Jo Richardson, Finance Director, Red 7 Marine
....sets expectations and standards for our staff; which means we have fewer HR issues. It also gives us the reassurance that all our procedures and policies are compliant with the latest HR legislation.
Maxine Bean, Finance Director, Adventure Island
Our HR website acts as a reference point and communication channel for our employees and is managed and kept up-to-date by the team at Practical HR.
Nick Verdin, Partner & Head of Property Management, Hair & Son
Knowing we are always up-to-date and that everyone is kept informed of changes has given us a lot more confidence and has had a positive impact on the business.  I have recommended the HR websites to a number of business associates as I know it will save them time and make HR easier for them.
Steve Osborne, Managing Director, Maldon Salt Company Ltd