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HR Consultancy Essex

Outsourcing your HR is not ideal, not when the alternative is Your HR Space. The platform that we’ve created makes managing daily HR tasks and simple and easy job. All of the documents, tools and communication channels that you need are all in one platform and that platform is specifically customised for your business so that everything on there is specific to your companies needs.



How Your HR Can Work For Your Business



Managers, HR & Staff are all able to communicate through our beautifully designed platform. This makes all aspects of HR much quicker and easier than going through a consultancy. Holiday requests, new staff members, guidance on employment process, company policies & codes of conducts, online forms and much more are all able to be carried out through our platform.


Unlike the old system of managing HR, Your HR reduces the amount of time spent chasing paperwork and administrative side of HR. All documents are kept up to date and protect within the platform and allow for HR to stay on top of all the changes that happen surrounding business legislation and policy.


We also have advisors based in:

  • Great Wakering
  • Southend

    If you would like to get in touch about your own customised platform for your business, then you can speak with an advisor here.

Setup includes:

Drafting of all your HR documents, policies and procedures, codes of conduct and standards, and employee handbook.

Building of your branded YourHR.space site, configuration, logins for existing employees and the launch of the site.