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HR Consultancy Great Wakering

With our HR consultancy in Great Wakering, we have introduced a new way to manage your HR, where all the tools, documents and resources you could ever need are in one simple, personalised and easy to use platform.

How HR consultancy can work for your business in Great Wakering

Our platform makes HR management easy for business managers/owners, employees and HR providers. There are options to enable staff to manage their holiday requests through the platform, access policies & codes of conduct, complete, submit & manage forms and much more. All of this is available with our software which is customised specifically for your business.

Our consultancy service allows for your company to increase efficiency by cutting down on all the time Human Resources spend chasing paperwork and all the administration surrounding the current system of managing all aspects of HR. We work with clients from all over Essex including Great Wakering and Southend.

If you would like to find out more about our HR consultancy in Great Wakering:

Please get in touch with an advisor online by clicking here or call us on 01702 662 762.

Setup includes:

Drafting of all your HR documents, policies and procedures, codes of conduct and standards, and employee handbook.

Building of your branded YourHR.space site, configuration, logins for existing employees and the launch of the site.