3 Ways to Maintain Positive Employee Wellbeing in 2018

3 Ways to Maintain Positive Employee Wellbeing in 2018

It has been reported that 32.5% of the UK's workforce consider moving on professionally in the New Year; however interestingly, statistics reveal that many hang on until after January's pay day before giving notice - giving business owners a false sense of security.

This highlights the importance of considering and maintaining employees' positive wellbeing in the workplace. Here are three areas we feel are crucial to ensuring your employees stay on board in the new year.


One of the key elements of employee satisfaction and wellbeing is communication. Employees feel more secure if communication is clear and regular. Consistent communication will show your employees that you're committed to keeping them informed and that you care about two-way communication, especially when it comes to HR matters.

This level of communication can be difficult for SMEs but with YourHR.space, employees are kept informed and have access to information about their employment whenever they need it.  They can look at anything from what holiday entitlement they have, how to apply for flexible working (and can complete an application form online), through to having confidential emails they can use if they are concerned about any employment matters.


Transparency is key to building trust with employees, and trust is a crucial component of positive wellbeing. Your team needs to feel that they are ‘in the loop' when it comes to the business. This includes changes in employment law, internal policy changes, and even any changes to the day to day operation of the workplace. Sudden and unexpected changes will make employees feel uneasy and will make employers appear unprofessional.

YourHR.space can help businesses remain transparent with their employees. By communicating changes and updates in a timely and efficient manner, employees can feel confident that you are being open and honest with them about the operation of the business and their own employment.


Employees need to feel confident that they are going to be managed effectively and proactively. A professional approach to HR will help to set a high standard right from the recruitment and induction stages. When employees feel assured that you have a strong HR management system in place, they are more likely to stay onboard.

Businesses that feel stretched when it comes to HR management need not worry as YourHR.space is managed by HR experts. Our team will ensure your online HR system is fully up-to-date and compliant, whilst ensuring updates are communicated clearly and promptly to your employees. The holiday tracker, accessible documents and convenient online forms will ensure your employees always have access to useful HR tools, giving you more time deliver effective management to the whole team.  

Visit YourHR.space for more details or call us on 01702 216573 to arrange a demo.

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