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5 Ways an online handbook can help the onboarding process

5 Ways an online handbook can help the onboarding process

What is on boarding?

For SMEs, recruitment can be a particularly challenging and stressful process. Finding the right talent for your business is no easy feat. However, when you successfully recruit new team members, it's important to not fall at the next hurdle; onboarding.

Your onboarding process should include everything from offer acceptance to issuing the contract, collecting and managing candidate information all the way through to the induction process.

Aberdeen Group Research report that 71% of companies say they plan to increase their hiring over the next 12 months. If this is the case, modern organisations need to focus on fast and effective onboarding more than ever before.

With 90% of businesses believing that employees make their decision to stay within the first year of employment, first impressions count. That's why businesses should consider starting the onboarding process before the new employee reaches their start date.

Keeping new hires ‘warm' by engaging with them straight from offer acceptance and continually preparing them for their start date will not only ensure a smoother transition period when they start, but will also make employees feel included and help them to align themselves to your brand.

How can an online handbook from YourHR.space help?


Our employee handbooks can help you right from offer request. Firstly, you can use YourHR.space to easily prepare your offer letter, contract and reference request. In your offer letter you can include YourHR.space log-in details to your new employee. From here they will be able to read further information about the company, find out more about your policies and read further key information about their employment before they arrive for their first day.


The YourHR.space platform makes it easy for new employees to fill out all of the necessary new starter forms before the first day. They can access the platform at any time via their new log in, where all the relevant forms will be ready and waiting for them. They can also provide any further personal information on the site, including any details needed for payroll, or additions that will go on their employee file. This lightens the paperwork burden for both you and your new hire.


Being able to schedule and book their holiday time through YourHR.space will give your employee peace of mind. They can feel confident that you are fully aware of all their holiday requirements and the holiday allowance counter on the site will help them to know their remaining allowance. With holiday information hosted all in one place, email chains and holiday request form paperwork is reduced throughout the onboarding process.


Your bespoke YourHR.space site will feature an induction checklist, which is an effective tool for both you and your new employee. The checklist will ensure that all necessary information and documents have been returned and received before the start date. It will be clear to see if anything is missing. The induction booklet will also assist with your induction process by checking whether all the areas of the HR site have been visited and reviewed. You can even include other operational areas of the induction process.


Your employees can start to receive notifications and updates as soon as they log in to YourHR.space. This will make your new hire feel ‘in the loop' right from the start, as it's all too common for a communication gap to occur post job offer and pre-start date. These ongoing interactions will ensure that your employee is informed and prepared for their first day at your business.

Visit YourHR.space for more details or call us on 01702 216573 to arrange a demo.

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