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Did you know you can use your Employee Handbook as a recruiting tool? Here's how:

Did you know you can use your Employee Handbook as a recruiting tool? Here's how:

One of the main factors of recruitment is making sure you have chosen an individual who will ‘fit in' with your organisation. No employer wants to train a new employee for them only to leave when they realise that the Company just ‘isn't for them'.

One way of making sure you select the right individual is by giving them prior access to your Employee Handbook. A good handbook will cover several topics that will help an individual 'get a feel' for the Company. These may include:  

Company Values and Mission Statement - viewing these, a possible new employee can decide whether they agree with the organisation's values & ethos and whether they feel they can work within them. An employee who is passionate about your organisation's values will be dedicated to accomplishing the Company goals.

Company Culture - Everybody wants to know how a Company is going to treat them. Your organisation's beliefs, principles and management style will give any potential employee an opportunity to see whether they feel they can be incorporated into these and add value.

Benefits - If your handbook contains information regarding employee benefits, this will allow a possible new employee to see exactly how you will reward them for their hard work. Job-seekers will also be able to see firsthand what sets you apart from the others and why they should come and work for you.

So if a potential employee can see in advance what you will expect from them and what you can offer, they are in a better position to make a considered decision about any offer of employment.

By giving them access at this early stage, you are also showing potential new employees that you take HR seriously and act as a responsible employer. For any 'rogue' employees out there, this will put them off. They will know they will not be able to 'play games' with you so will de-select themselves!

How can YourHR.space help?

YourHR.space is an online employee handbook - and much more.  It will provide your employees with all the information they need and will send a clear message that you take a professional approach to HR. Everyone likes clarity and transparency and YourHR.space provides this to your employees.   

Visit YourHR.space for more details or call us on 01702 216573 to arrange a demo.

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