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Health and Safety Executive and COVID

Health and Safety Executive and COVID

The HSE is currently carrying out spot checks of workplaces across the country to review what measures businesses have put in place to protect anyone in their workplaces.  We are aware of a number of organisations who have received such a visit.  You can read about what to expect should you get a visit on the HSE website.

To ensure the HSE can visit as many employers as possible they are working with trained partners to deliver spot checks and visits. Officers that visit premises will be carrying identification from their business and a letter of authorisation from HSE. If you wish to verify an officer that calls or visits your organisation, you can call 0300 790 6896.

There is also a short video (less than 2 minutes) explaining the spot checks. To watch the video and read about the spot checks please visit the HSE website (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the video).

The HSE have also issued more guidance about how to be compliant during the coronavirus pandemic as follows:

  • If a worker contracts COVID-19 at work, this must be reported under RIDDOR.
  • If an accident or incident at work has, or could have, led to the release of coronavirus, this must be reported under RIDDOR as a near miss.
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