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How important is a comprehensive employee induction?

How important is a comprehensive employee induction?

Inductions are sometimes viewed by some as wasting time when a new employee could start being productive for the business. This is actually not the case.  Induction programs don't have to be lengthy (this is totally dependent on the role) but are a valuable way of integrating a new employee into your team and improve staff retention.

ACAS recommend that you cover the following areas:

  • Introduction to the work environment and introduce to new colleagues and Managers
  • Collate any outstanding documentation
  • Health and Safety information
  • Give an overview of the organisation - who is who, how the organisation works, the organisation's values, standards and rules and advise the new employee where they fit in to all of the above
  • Outlining tasks within the role and on the job training

A good induction can make a new employee feel more settled and part of the ‘team' - these employees are more likely to have a positive attitude about their new employer, be productive more quickly and become a long serving employee.

You can always start your induction process as soon as the new recruit has accepted the position - send them a welcome pack with vital information.. This will allow your new recruit to come in prepared to start their new role.

P.S. Don't bombard your new recruit with too much information too quickly and remember that the induction procedure won't just stop after the first day/week. Be sure to arrange regular meetings to discuss ongoing performance and development, provide support, give feedback and to answer any questions or queries.

How can YourHR.space help with induction?

YourHR.space has all the information a new starter needs, including your standards and working practices through to your HR polices and procedures. There is also an new starter form and an induction form that the new employee can complete.

YourHR.space also has a template induction booklet that will help guide the new employee through there induction, ensuring they review and complete any required information. It allows the employee to get on with this part of their induction at their own pace and with minimum input from management - saving valuable management time, while providing a comprehensive induction.

If you would like to know more about how YourHR.space can support your induction process, please call us on 01702 216573.

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