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The Importance of Keeping Your Employee Handbook Up-To-Date

The Importance of Keeping Your Employee Handbook Up-To-Date

The strength of the employee handbook is in its accuracy and relevance. It's a living document that reflects the standards and values of your business, whilst giving your employees structured guidelines. Leaving your employee handbook gathering dust could put your business at risk.

Your handbook could confuse employees

Your core policies and standards should not be up for interpretation. Providing and communicating clear and concise information to employees leaves little room for confusion. Out-of-date employee handbooks could leave your employees acting in accordance with incorrect information.

Old rules and regulations on absence, sickness, annual leave, maternity and much more could lead to challenging conversations and conflicts with employees. As a handbook is also an excellent tool for new hires, the last thing you need is new employees taking on board misinformation on their first day.

You may be missing something obvious

Updating your employee handbook means reviewing your own documentation on a regular basis. Many businesses simply create their handbook and only make amends every now and then. However, it's your responsibility as an employer to ensure all policies, rules and regulations are written and communicated to your employees.

If your handbook is missing information you may not necessarily fall on the wrong side of the law, but you do leave yourself at risk of employee claims. For example, businesses of all sizes have been caught out due to missing social media policies. They're not a legal requirement, but their absence could leave you in hot water.

Your handbook could be non-compliant

An employee handbook that is non-compliant or out of date with employment law can be very problematic indeed. If your handbook does not reflect the latest changes in UK employment law, or these changes are not communicated to your employees, it will be very easy for employees to take the issue to court.

Legislation changes regularly and while it is not a legal requirement to have an employee handbook, it is your responsibility as an employer to provide and communicate up-to-date and accurate information to your employees. A handbook that isn't compliant will undoubtedly leave you at risk.

If you're worried your employee handbook is out-of-date or that it does not accurately reflect your business needs and you're struggling to keep up with the demands of regular changes and amends, please call YourHR.space on 01702 216573 or email team@yourhr.space.

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