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The Top 5 Benefits of a Paperless Holiday and Absence Management System

The Top 5 Benefits of a Paperless Holiday and Absence Management System

Most SMEs understand the importance of having a holiday and absence management system in place, but when HR capability is already stretched a little thin, these systems will typically rely heavily on paper forms and internal spreadsheets.

For businesses without a dedicated HR team, a never-ending paper trail of holiday requests, annual calendars and absence records will inevitably lead to issues. There’s the loss of paperwork, outdated calendars being shared, holiday going unconfirmed by management and the daily query from staff - “How much holiday do I have left?”.

Using an online holiday and absence management system means you can do away the frustrations of a muddled paper and spreadsheet system.

A self-service portal for staff

Accessible from anywhere and on any device, your employees would be able to enter holiday requests and submit absence notifications at any time. This would give them the opportunity to submit their requests and schedule any appointments as soon as they arise, rather than trying to retain the information until the next time they get a chance to fill out a paper form. This is sure to reduce the rate of last minute paperwork panic.

Monitor and manage holidays and absence in one place

With everything you need to monitor and manage a holiday and absence system in one place, there’s no need to chase paper forms and flit through your files. A paperless system means you can manage requests and monitor the responses quickly and efficiently.  

Having the up-to-date data in front of you makes tracking unplanned absences and establishing holiday trends easily achievable as well. A consideration that may have seemed out of reach when it meant sifting through historic paperwork. Establish the peak absence months and popular holiday dates in advance and estimate when cover for your accounts and projects will be needed.

Receive holiday and absence request alerts

In a paper-based holiday and absence system, forms are passed from one desk to another. Sorting an overwhelming pile of holiday and absence forms can hold managers back from focusing on developing the business. Employees suffer too as they wait for extended periods of time for holiday confirmation – leaving them in limbo.

An online system can send managers notifications so they can address holiday and absence requests quickly and easily.

An up-to-date holiday calendar with holiday counter

It’s all too easy for paper-based or spreadsheet holiday calendars to get out of date. Granting numerous employees ability to make changes or create new saved versions will quickly leave you with a working calendar that makes little or no sense.

A digital system should include an online calendar that updates in real-time and is editable by assigned managers. An accompanying counter for employees to help them track how many days they have left of their allocated holiday allowance can also save a lot of time on repetitive updates.

Assign appropriate manager level permissions

When relying on a paper-based holiday and absence management system, distributing relevant requests and paperwork amongst relevant line-managers can cause delays and increase chances of clashes and mistakes. This can often leave one solitary employee in charge of the entire system within one business.

With an absence and holiday management dashboard, system admins can assign employees to relevant line managers who can review and approve requests and notifications. With a company calendar available for reference, it’s easy for line managers to make the correct decisions when it comes to managing holiday. Some systems allow line managers to have a dialogue with their team should there be any issues or further information required.

YourHR.space can provide all of these benefits and more

If you think an online holiday and absence management system could be right for your business, the YourHR.Space team can help. We have an online holiday and absence system that has been designed by our HR experts, helping you to save time and reduce mistakes.

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