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When it comes to Handbooks, is it time to ditch the paper?

When it comes to Handbooks, is it time to ditch the paper?

Paper handbooks have been used for a long time but in this ever growing digital age, they now have their disadvantages. They are often out of date before the print run has finished, are costly to produce and the administration of amending these documents can be time consuming.

So it is time to ditch the paper, and what are the alternatives? We can no longer ignore the impact of the internet and the effect it has had on our ability to access information. So it is an ideal time to leave the paper handbook behind and take it online - but what are the benefits of an online employee handbook?

  • Easily updated - with all your handbook information in one place you only have to update once, there is no need to arrange print runs, distribute handbooks etc.
  • Easy access - accessing the internet has never been easier and with going online no longer just limited to a PC, an online handbook can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. This gives your employees the flexibility to look for the information they require as and when they need to rather than being restricted to during work hours.
  • Notification of changes - changes to policies and procedures can be emailed to your employees keeping them fully informed.
  • Requires employees to log in - the majority of websites record user activity so an employee cannot advise they "didn't know" or "nobody told me" if you can prove that they logged onto your online handbook at a given time.
  • Policies can be linked, information can be found - policies that are connected or commonly used forms can be linked so that employees can find ALL the information they require without having to hunt for it.
  • Searchable content - search facilities mean that employees can find what they want, when they want - saving time is always a good thing!
  • Time saving - For those without a dedicated HR department, an online handbook could be the ideal medium to communicate employment documentation to their employees, allowing them to get on and run their businesses.

How can YourHR.space help?

YourHR.space is an online employee handbook - and much more. It combines professional HR expertise with technology, by providing you with your own bespoke branded HR website with HR documents written and updated for you by HR professionals.

Visit YourHR.space for more details or call us on 01702 216573 to arrange a demo.

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Setup includes:

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Building of your branded YourHR.space site, configuration, logins for existing employees and the launch of the site.