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Your Responsibilities as an Employer

Your Responsibilities as an Employer

As an employer, it is your responsibility to keep employees regularly updated on standards and policies so they know what is expected of them whilst at work. By ensuring everyone has access to information and clarity about their obligations in the workplace, you will be encouraging a more open and equal working environment.

An Employee Handbook makes this possible!

Employment law requires the employer to be ‘fair' and ‘reasonable' in all areas of employment. Where policies and procedures are not set out in a clear and concise way, some employers may fall short of this fundamental requirement. With an Employee Handbook, everything is set out in one convenient, accessible document, that, if kept up-to-date will maintain compliance with the law and keep employees knowledgeable about expectations, standards they should work by, processes that should be followed and the logistics of dealing with any given situation.

An Employee Handbook not only helps to communicate this expectation but also protects the employer against wider liability for any potential claims that are made. There are many reasons for the importance of having standards, policies and procedures in place, and the responsibility lies with the employer to implement them.

Is it a legal requirement?

The Disciplinary and Grievance procedures are legally required documents that must be communicated and readily available to any new and existing employees.  Other policies may not be required by law, but it is still important to put together a set of Company standards and policies setting expectations for employees, so they know what to expect from the employer and so that they are clear about their own responsibilities at work. This could prevent the company from facing liability in the event of a claim being made as they will be protected by having suitable and accessible policies and standards in place.

Policies such as equal opportunities and sickness and absence protocols become confusing and disorienting when they are not set out in a concise, written format. You may think that verbally communicating standards of the workplace is enough to inform everyone of what is expected of them, however this leaves them open to individual interpretation and misunderstandings. A printed or online Employee Handbook is a convenient place to set out all standards, policies and procedures so that everyone is collectively informed and on the same page.

YourHR.space is a convenient, online employee handbook managed by HR professionals. It saves you time and improves communication within your business by keeping compliant and up-to-date with the law.  To find out more please call 01702 216573 or email team@yourhr.space.

Your employees, your responsibility!

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