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What’s on at Practical HR in 2020? The workshops and events we have coming up this year are listed below:




All events have been postponed for the forseeable future. We apologise for any inconvienience this causes. However, you are still able to register interest in any of our upcoming events, by filling out the Upcoming Events Form.




It is important to recognise and reward employees and ensure that they feel valued for their hard work and effort that they put into their role. This is why we encourage clients to offer appraisals to their employees as it is beneficial for both the employee’s and the employers. If you are unsure of why or how to go about appraisals, we are hosting an Appraisal workshop, which will be run by Angela Kimberley of Angela Kimberley Associates.

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Employees are crucial to the smooth running of many Companies. Making mistakes in your recruitment can be extremely costly for the future of your business.

The recruitment process can therefore be incredibly time consuming so as to ensure you employ the right people. This is why we will be hosting a recruitment workshop, run by Ian Banks of One to One Personnel. We believe this will help our clients to become better at the recruitment process, therefore saving you time and money.

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Coming Soon:

Apprenticeships Workshop – Karen Sallows

YourHR.space Workshop – Paula Fisher / Gina Bartley

Management Training Workshop

Wellbeing Workshop


Setup includes:

Drafting of all your HR documents, policies and procedures, codes of conduct and standards, and employee handbook.

Building of your branded YourHR.space site, configuration, logins for existing employees and the launch of the site.